Stingaree, the highly anticipated, three-story (to an airy roof-top deck) 22,000 square foot restaurant, night club and event center in the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, is definitely a new twist on nightlife that the burgeoning scene has not yet experienced.

Modeled after night clubs from Miami to New York to Las Vegas, the most stunning aspect is the concentration towards VIP service.

The middle bar has a waterfall impressive, but slightly over-hyped. On the opposite side of the middle bar is where the VIP tables really take over there must be 20-30 tables each of which carry a hefty fee and/or bottle minimum. Between the bar and the tables is what would be considered the main dance area, although tables always are smaller versions of dance areas in VIP areas.

Up through a glass spiral staircase, the second level hosts more tables and another bar. There is also a VIP section overlooking the dance floor that is fully glass-encased yet another display of welcome and excessive celebration. Essentially, this floor is useless for general admission goers.

Up again to the third level is the open-air rooftop deck. Again, there are well appointed cabanas, heat lamps for chilly nights and lots of to roam and have an actual conversation. The rooftop by itself resembled the newly opened Jbar, as well as having some nicer appointments such as many plush VIP booths. A venue like this attracts the hottest DJs spinning the best music.